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CADCells.com provides cad symbols for Microstation and AutoCAD users. We have symbols for Architecture, Process, Electrical, Civil and Structural engineering.

All Microstation cell libraries come with a comprehensive pull-down menu to help you locate and place a cell fast.

All AutoCAD block libraries are organized into a logical folder structure for fast
and easy insertion.

Please click on the links to your left to explore the symbol libraries.

  Save hours of drawing time ...
Professionally drawn, discipline specific cells following common industry standards. User friendly custom interface's to help you find the symbols you need within seconds. There's nothing to learn, simply point and click to the symbols you want.

  Simply thousands of cells ...
At your finger tips, ready to be placed into your designs. All accurately drawn, logically named, organized, with full descriptions (v8 only). Also, all v8 cells take advantage of Microstation v8's by-level attributes.

  Easy to use ...
These cell libraries can be easily loaded into Microstation's menu bar for quick access. No complicated software to learn. Just point and click to the cells you need. Any novice can install and use. Full instructions are included.

All cell libraries come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Simply return the CD (software) in its original condition and I will issue a full refund.

Details about the Microstation v8 cells...
All cells take advantage of v8's bylevel attribute. Cells placed "relative" will inherit your active level's symbology (color, style, weight) and reside on that active level. All cells have been created with elements on "level 1" and their symbology (color, style, weight) set to "bylevel". Cells placed "absolute" will reside on level 1, color = bylevel, style = bylevel, weight = bylevel.

All 2D cells have the following units: Resolution:12,000 per foot.
All 3D cells have the following units: Resolution:96,000 per foot.

When placing cells with v8's true scale option on, cells will be placed true to scale, no matter what your design file units are. Also, full cell descriptions are included.

Details about the Microstation J cells...
All cells have the following attributes: Lv=1,co=0,lc=0 (except centerlines or hidden lines),wt=0.
Cells placed "relative" will inherit your active level. Cells placed "absolute" will reside on lv=1, co=0, lc=varies, wt=0.

All 2D cells were created from design files with the following units: mu=1,su=12;pu=1,000.
All 3D cells were created from design files with the following units: mu=1,su=12;pu=8,000.

If you typically use design files with different units, contact me and I will provide you with a custom user interface that will scale them to suit. Also, cell descriptions are included.


Download the demos!
Click here to download a free version of the "Libraries"
It's a fully functional user interface that contains a small sample of cells.

You'll need WinZip® to open this file.
If you do not have WinZip®, you can download the free trial version here.

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