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3d architectural symbols example

This 3D library contains Architectural symbols commonly found in Industrial and Commercial applications. There are Door symbols, Windows, Furniture, Appliances, Lavatory, Fasteners,
Mechanical, Vehicles, and other miscellaneous symbols.

With a couple clicks of the mouse, this comprehensive cell library will insert the 3D Architectural symbols you need for your 3D models. All you do is choose from the custom pull down menu.

No learning curve - you'll be productive in seconds!
And with our money back guarantee you have nothing to lose!

Screen shot of custom menu:

3D architectural library

This library can be easily loaded into MicroStation's menu bar for quick access.  Full instructions are included. Once loaded, "3D-Architectural-Library" will appear in the menu bar. Just point and click to choose from a wide range of 3D Architectural symbols. All selections are made from pull down menus. And to guarantee that all fittings are inserted to scale, the menu bar will automatically set your active scale to 1 (AS=1) and your active angle to zero (AA=0). Just be sure the "true scale" option is clicked on in the Microstation "place cell dialog box"

Now let's look at whats included in 3D Architectural Library...
(There are 199 symbols in this library!)

  Single door symbols...
Hollow metal and aluminum store front doors.
(Note: all door cells can be fence stretched to suit your particular size)
To view the single door symbols: click here

  Pair door symbols...
Hollow metal and aluminum store front doors.
To view all the pair door symbols: click here

  Door Hardware symbols...
Door handles, panic hardware, knobs, hinge, thresholds, closer etc.
To view all the door hardware symbols: click here

Fixed, Double Hung, Projected, Casement, Horizontal sliding windows.
(Note: all window cells can be fence stretched to suit your particular size)

To view all the windows: click here.

Tables, chairs, desks, file cabinets etc..
To view the furniture symbols: click here
Stoves, washer/dryer, dishwasher, refridgerator, microwave etc.
To view the appliance symbols: click here
Toilets, urinal, sinks, handicapped bars, paper dispenser, shower, etc.
To view the lavatory symbols: click here
Hex head bolts, cap screw head bolts, nuts, u-bolts etc.
To view the fasteners: click here
Chlorine cylinder, pumps, scrap bucket, slag pot, conveyor roller etc.
To view the mechanical symbols: click here 
Cars, trucks, train cars, fork lifts, etc.
To view the vehicles: click here
Safety shower/eyewash station, caged ladder, roof drain, floor drain,
wall pack light, horns, exit signs, fire hydrant, fire extinguisher  etc.
To view the miscellaneous symbols: click here

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