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Now you can quickly create structural steel layouts and save yourself hours of drawing time. This library contains 2,519 accurately drawn steel shapes, angles, channels, tube,
and pipe cells. You also get weld symbols, fasteners, and symbols for concrete drawings.

Those days of looking up dimensions in the AISC Steel Construction Manual are over! This library was created using the dimensions you'll find in the "AISC Manual of Steel Construction, Load & Resistance Factor Design Volume 1, Second Edition".

No learning curve - you'll be productive in seconds!
And with a money back guarantee you have nothing to lose!

No more wasted time...
Drawing each and every steel shape you need for your structural layouts is a tedious job.
With a click of the mouse, this comprehensive cell library will place the steel shape you need.

It's easy to use...
All you do is make your choice from the drop down menus. Click here to sample a dialog box. There's nothing to type. This library can be easily loaded into MicroStation's menu bar for quick access. Full instructions are included. Just point and click to choose from a wide range of steel shapes.


And to guarantee that all shapes are inserted to scale, the menu bar will automatically set your active scale to 1 (AS=1) and your active angle to zero (AA=0).

Now here's what you get ...
This library includes thousands of steel shapes that  you'll find in the "AISC Manual of Steel Construction, Load & Resistance Factor Design Volume 1, Second Edition".

  Flanged beams - in end,side, and front views
W Shapes - Sizes W4 through W44
S Shapes - Sizes S3 through S24
M Shapes - Sizes M5 through M12
HP Shapes - Sizes HP8 through HP14
  Channels - in end,side,front, and back views
American Standard Channels - Sizes C3 through C15
Miscellaneous Channels - Sizes MC6 through MC18
  Angles - in end,side, and front views
Equal Leg Angles - Sizes 2"x2" through 8"x8"
Unequal Leg Angles  - Sizes 2 1/2"x2" through 9"x4"
  Structural Tube - in end view
Square - Sizes 1 1/2"x1 1/2" through 30"x30"
Rectangular - Sizes 2 1/2"x1 1/2" through 30"x24"
  Structural Pipe - in end view
Standard, extra strong, double extra strong - Sizes 3" through 12"
  Structural Tees - in end view
WT Shapes - Sizes WT2 through WT22
MT Shapes - Sizes MT2.5 through MT6
ST Shapes - Sizes ST1.5 through ST12
  Weld symbols
total of 44
Click here to view the weld symbols

Structural-Library contains cap screws and hex head bolts.
click here  to view the fasteners.

Structural-Library also contains construction joints, expansion joints, water stops,
and rebar symbols.
click here  to view the construction joints.
click here  to view the expansion joints.
click here  to view the water stops and rebar

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